The second semester, Performative Spaces and Technology introduces students to the construction of spatial experiences in creating works which relate to specific urban or architectural spaces and contexts. (The semester is a continuation and expansion of the topics taught in the first semester. The attention is directed away from the isolated sculptural object to an artifact which is informed by a spatial setting.) Space and place analysis methods are introduced as essential and critical tools for the design process.
This semester’s theme is Emerging Futures in relation to Performative Spaces and Technology.
Students were asked to create interactive artistic installations starting from analyses of the harbour space of Aalborg Havn. The artefacts are syntheses of art, technology, and environmental awareness which envision distopic or utopic futures.
By analyzing local, current practices and interactions, students used their spatial analysis conclusions to look near or far into the future.
The semester theme is aligned with the 17 UN sustainable development goals.

Anca Horvath, semester coordinator