Reflections Between Us

Johanne Lindblad Fogsgaard, Marc Descours Hansen, Paulinus Burger, Ric Raphael Nitsch & Victoria Skjødt

UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 12.8
”By 2030, ensure that people everywhere have the relevant information and awareness for sustainable development and lifestyles in harmony with nature.”

Aiming for harmony is beautiful, but it quickly becomes intangible. As stated above, information and awareness are keystones in the process. Yet, we find that it is mostly our perception that separates us from the nature surrounding us. Therefore, we designed an installation that creates an opportunity for reflections, on the widely perceived dichotomy between human and nature.

At Aalborg Waterfront, human and nature clash – Aalborg is here because of the Limfjord. Our piece is inspired by this collision, which can be found in the very center of Aalborg. We applied a spectrum of methods and tools throughout our process, creating scientific as well as artistic material during our journey. The final installation converges our research into an experience, with multiple representations – bound to facts as well as thoughts.

We rotated Aalborg Waterfront by 90 degrees, turning the water surface, into a screen. The city and the fjord spread out downwards, forming a roof that envelops the participant in the scene. Sails form the structure around the wooden construction, luring you in with its intriguing visuals. The projections illuminate both the silhouette of Aalborg Waterfront, as well as a representation of the Limfjord’s depth. In their projections, human and nature collide on the water surface. This is further augmented with a third interactive text layer, where anyone can add their own reflections on their experience and their relation to nature. As participants interact and investigate, their bodies will block the projections and, in their shadows, they will reveal the reflections between us.

We have digitalized our installation. You can go experience it here!