The Ophelia Project

August Emil Enghoff, Ness Sinclair, Linda Birch Flensborg, Anne-Kathrine Søndergaard Møller, Emma Leonora Von Rosen Hagerup & Astrid Kjeldal Graungaard

After years of battling a deadly fungal spore from Mars, civilization as we know it has now gone extinct. With no humans in sight, nature has been allowed to take its course and reclaim what once belonged to it. You, as the player, get to experience a part of this post-apocalyptic world by strolling along the river and seeing how the wildlife has overtaken Aalborg Harbor.

*Don’t have a VR set? Don’t worry! You can try it without the set on your computer!

*CAUTION! Playing this game for too long at a time in VR mode can cause dizziness and nausea. Please be careful and take breaks if playing for a longer time period.


We will be hosting a two -part livestream of the VR-experience on Friday the 15th. where the whole team will be online and ready to answer any questions, you might have.
The stream will last for 50 minutes total and the program is as follows:

18:00 – August will stream the first part of the experience for 20 minutes

18:20 – 10-minute break 18:30 – Emma will stream the second part for 20 minutes

18:50 – End of stream

We will be streaming through on the following account: