Christian Møhlenberg, Maria Ø. Hansen, Mia-Maja Madsen, Mie T. Petersen

Our project is based on UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals, we have chosen to work with goal 13; Climate Action, with a further focus on target 13.3 which focuses on raising awareness about impact reduction and early warning in relation to the climate changes. The participatory art installation, Rising, consists of a partly flooded room where the floor is one big pool of water with steppingstones placed around in the water. In the middle of the floor a small model of Aalborg is located on top of a pedestal. In the model the fjord is filled with water and certain landmarks in the city is visible on the model. Before the participant enters the room, they are given an ice cube to bring into the room. The participants are given different choices of where to place the ice cube in the installation. This is a demonstration of how an individual can impact the rising of the global water levels happening due to climate change. On the wall to the left upon entering the room a number of small notes with statements are hanging. Yarn should have been available for the participant to use to wrap around the statements they find relevant for themselves. However, in this online representation of our installation this wall of statements will not be interactive. Our wish is to create awareness about the issue of the rise in global water levels due to climate changes. We wish to offer suggestions to how an individual can help solve these issues. In the very end of the installation participants can find our flyer “Everyday decisions that makes a difference” where it will be possible to find small lifestyle changes the individual can make to be more sustainable.