Liucija Paniuskyte & Zuzana Hruba

The concept of our project is a Mixed Reality performance installation, where there is a performer present, interacting with one participant at a time. Behind the performer, there is a projection with a virtual environment, in which there is a 3 dimensional digital copy of the performer’s body, staged as an avatar that can react to interactions which will be happening between the performer and the participant physically. We got inspired by the performance Rhythm 0 by Marina Abramovic where she allowed her performance participants to do whatever they wanted with her body and provided various tools ranging from a feather to a loaded gun. In our performance the human body can be used as an input device for a variety of digital outputs and we are interested in seeing how far our participants will go when engaging. The avatar has several levels that can be reached through various amounts of strength of the interaction between the two physical bodies. The whole setup creates a setting, without clear rules, only with encouragement to explore, without boundaries.