The Collaborant: an artistic investigation into the design process of a collaborative and cooperative robotic interaction

Amanda Karlsson & Max Jurani

Our bachelor project is an investigation and exploration into an iterative design process of a human-robot interaction scenario. We are exploring a movement-centric approach to how we can design robot behaviour and motion in order to engage people into an embodied interaction with a robot. Due to the current situation, with no access to university facilities, we, as many other students, are now without access to necessary tools and material to carry out planned projects and research. Human-Robot Interaction studies, which is often guided by prototyping and user-experience testing in real life context are now difficult to pursue. We have adapted our project to the current situation, and are investigating how we can simulate robot movement and interaction scenarios in a virtual environment. Throughout the design process we are using different tools, procedures and methods for designing movement based robot interactions. By using methods such as video prototyping, online interviews and surveys we can gather data on the perception of the robotic motion. We invite you to participate in our survey, where you will be presented with a few short videos which we would like to hear your feedback on. We appreciate your time helping us gather data. Thank you!