Engaging Visitors in Anchers Hus

Sofie Grønvald Laustsen

In collaboration with Skagens Kunstmuseer

The project is based upon the home of Michael and Anna Ancher, and their daughter Helga Ancher. Today it is known as an artist home and is treated as a museum. An artist home is a special place, it is identical to the time the artists lived there and the environment is treated with great respect. To ensure that the atmosphere is not interfered with, it is as necessity to put extra thought into how information is being communicated in the home. In artist homes, the visitors mostly get the information through a folder or by attending a guided tour. The folder often only provides a general overview on the history and objects found in the homes, while the guided tour provides more in-depth information. A problem that occurs with the guided tours is that the rooms in the home often does not have the capacity to hold a large crowd, and the amount of people can distract from the room and objects in itself. The interest to look into other options on how to communicate the information thereby occurred, and therefore looking into how technology can enhance the experience as well as being used as a data gathering tool.