Trine Størner Westphalen & Ida Budolfsen

Algiz is a set of cyber performances that adapt Wiccan self-care rituals to online media. They aim to explore spirituality while connecting people through the internet, encouraging self-reflection and positivity. We are researching how performance can be done through features such as livestreaming, webcam calls, chatbots and various other tools from online platforms, and how they can be used to engage an audience in co-creation of ritual performance.

If you would like to see and participate in these performances, we will during the exhibition event be performing two versions, as shown in the schedule below. Two of the performances are streamed live on Twitch and we encourage people to sign up and use the live chat to engage with the performance. The other two are webcam performances using the communications platform, Discord. The webcam performance has limited slots for participants and will require signup using the following link: ( The performances are approximately 15-20 minutes and may vary in length.

13.00 : Twitch livestream.

15.00 : Discord webcam performance.

17.00 : Twitch livestream.

19.00 : Discord webcam performance.


Webcam performance signup

If you are interested in learning more about our project and research, you are welcome to contact us through email (, or stay after a performance and ask us questions.