Sense the Space – a visual and haptic exploration

Maria Camila Arciniegas Sanchez & Kamilla Ruberg Jensen

In collaboration with KAVT Performance Festival

The experience of our everyday routines are always embodied and involves somatic responses and feelings that are typically unnoticed (Shusterman, n.d), it is therefore we want to investigate if the notion of “defamiliarization” by Viktor Shklovsky, and apply it to a interactive installation, focusing on stimulating two senses (sight and touch), can provide an rewarding and pleasurable experience. We therefore decided to explore somaesthetics and interactive installation art through testing of prototypes and an analysis of the data from autoethnographic study of somatic practices and experiences with the notion of defamiliarization. The data was collected in the form of daily summaries of either a somaesthetic practise, aspects of defamiliarization, recollection of being sensory stimulated when experiencing an artwork, or other important aspects that have impacted our project. The collection of the data was conducted in a total of 30 days, from April 6 to May 6, 2020. The process for this project consisted of the making of prototypes that we tested on ourselves with the help of our original frameworks customized to evaluate the different components of the installation. The concept development for the project was driven by aspects of habitual perception as “automatic” and how we could utilize the concept of defamiliarization to stimulate the senses and give the opportunity to focus on the sensorial response of that specific experience.