The Naturalignment Procedure

Anders Christian Gade Skaarup & Rikke Bogetoft

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Naturalignment (/ˈnatʃ(ə)rəˈlʌɪnm(ə)nt/)
The transformation of individual consciousnesses by the systematic attention, exploration and care of their own perception of and relationship to nature, with the purpose of deepening their understanding of themselves, of their influences and impact, and affirming their role as a consciousness birthed from nature

The Naturalignment Procedure is a mixed reality performance investigating the transformative qualities of mediation in respect to the human perception of nature. The artwork spans across multiple media and platforms, immersing the participants further with each click of their mouse. The participants are invited to play, to learn about themselves and to rekindle their relationship to nature. Through pervasive gaming and art based research, this artwork engages the audience on multiple levels, confronts them with their own perception of nature and challenges them to consciously continuously care about the consequences of their actions – the methods of engagement are designed to highlight and critique the perception of humans a above or apart from nature, while instigating our innate sense of belonging in nature.