Steffen Würtz Fogh Thomsen

Project Description

No matter where you are or who you are advertisements seem to fill up any available space around us. They are part of everyday modern life and regardless of how much we try to avoid them, they are irrefutably affecting our opinions, our perspectives, and our lives.  

Advertisements are fundamentally trying to relate to the viewer through empathy, creativeness and by solving a need. However, they often end up creating or reinforcing negative social standards and stereotypes to make their product seem vital for everyday life. These standards and stereotypes can end up creating bigger social issues that many companies choose to ignore because they are improving their sales. 

The project Antivertisements are using the commercial and capitalistic tool of advertising to create ads that are critical towards either their own product or the agenda behind the statements of companies and organisations in order to create discourse and explore the lack of empathy and transparency in the heavily marketed and commercialised world of today.